Strategy Signals Powered By Quandl

Just in time for EOM May the Strategy Signals page is functional again. Like before, signals are based on dividend adjusted historical data, now obtained from Quandl's premium QuoteMedia EOD service ($$$). Current month's data is grabbed "real time" from Google Finance. The signals are yet to be considered "experimental" in order to review data quality and table performance.

Yahoo Finance API Ceased Working

Unfortunately this week the Yahoo Finance team changed the functionality of their financial data service. Apart from modifying the construction of the download link, the order and contents of the supported data fields have been altered too. As of writing support of total return data has been suspended.

Regretfully, as a result both the Excel VBA spreadsheets and the Google Sheets on the Strategy Signals page have stopped functioning. Until further notice I have no other choice but to discontinue these services from the blog.

Thank you for your understanding and please share your thoughts in the comment section below on fixes or alternative download sources.

For more information see the Yahoo Help Community.