Sampling Universes with EAA

In this post several universes will be sampled using the Elastic Asset Allocation model. The universes under review are:
- CXO Advisory's 8 assets simple momentum universe
- Stefan Solomons 12 assets tactical allocation universe
-'s most popular ETFs
- CXO's on steroids: a 300% leveraged universe

The backtests are performed using monthly Yahoo! Finance total return data with EAA in Equal Weigted Hedged mode with monthly reforms. So each month assets are (re-)alloced according to the below simplified formula:
wi zi = ( ( 1 ci ) ri ) eps , wi sim zi = ((1-ci) cdot ri ) ^ eps,  if ri > 0 else wi = zi = 0
ETFs are extended using mutual fund data to attain a backtest period of 20 years (1995 - 2014)*.

CXO Advisory's 8 assets simple momentum universe

The line-up for CXO's is DBC, EEM, EFA, GLD, IWM, IYR, SPY and TLT. Since the liquidity of CXO's original IWB is way lower than that of its bigger sibling SPY, the latter was used. IEF is deployed as c(r)ash protection fund (CPF), but is kept outside the regular allocation basket. The maximum number of assets for capital allocation is limited to 3+1.

CXO: equity curve with key performance indicators