Let's make some noizz: Colors, Signals and AlertSounds for Williams %R

Williams %R is a momentum indicator measuring overbought and oversold levels. It was developed by Larry Williams and compares a stock's close to the high-low range over a certain period of time, usually 14 bars. The indicator is also classified as an oscillator since the values fluctuate between 0 and -100. Williams %R is helpful to determine overbought and oversold conditions as well as reversals in market trends.

Per special request I adapted the Williams %R indicator available in thinkorswim's thinkDesktop. The full "suite" consists of three studies:
- WilliamsPercentR_Colors: the indicator in the sub pane with colored clouds and an average too.
- WilliamsPercentR_Signals: for plotting arrow signals to indicate reversals.
- WilliamsPercentR_Alerts: for sound alerts and notifications in Message Center (see chart).

Improved FlowPrice for Hurst Oscillator

To better reflect price extremes the FlowPrice indicator - the core element of the Hurst Oscillator - is improved. The study code is available for download and import into thinkDesktop at the bottom of the July 25th posting on the Hurst indicators.