Tactical Asset Allocation: 28, 29, 30. Rotate!

How about a long term trading system that needs only some 30 seconds each month to keep track? Amazing, but now by all means doable. Thanks to Kevin McGrath's Tactical Asset Allocation system. Kevin claims a combined capital growth of 70+% over the last five years and he has backtested the living daylights out of his system settings as well as the ETF selection.

In short: for this particular long only TAA system one determines at the end of each month the relative strength of four ETF's: EFA, IWM, SPY and AGG*. The ETF with the highest reading is considered strongest. That ETF is the pick for the next month and all assigned assets are then rotated accordingly. Even better: now thinkscript takes care of the monthly system evaluation. The only action for the user to do is pull up the chart and next enter one sell and one buy order. Nothing more, nothing less. Extremely simple, extremely effective!

Milestone: 20,000 pageviews

Based on current visitor traffic my pageview stats will hit the 20,000 mark during the upcoming weekend. Of course this site is small fry in the blogosphere, but to me this is a great encouragement to continue posting. At the turn of the year the count was 16,000 and now, only some six weeks later 4,000 more again. A big thank you to all my visitors!