Update For Global Equities Momentum Excel VBA

By popular demand a new beta update is available for the Global Equities Momentum Excel VBA spreadsheet. The new edition sources data from Tiingo's. Following the same work flow as before, the spreadsheet allows to backtest Gary Antonacci's popular GEM strategy (see post).

GEM with mutual funds for longer historical backtest
NB! Backtested results do not reflect actual trading. Furthermore, trading costs, slippage, and taxes are disregarded. Results are therefore purely hypothetical. Terms and conditions apply.
Next to some bug fixes a new pie chart and an annual returns table have been added to the spreadsheet. The pie chart shows the average allocations over the test periode. And the annual returns table specifies GEM's annual returns along with those of the underlying components and the classical 60/40 benchmark.

Tiingo Freemium Account

The new version downloads the ETF/MF data from Tiingo's. Tiingo offers two tailored subscription plans: a free Basic account or a $10/m Power account. A registration/subscription to one of these plans is a prerequisite, because the spreadsheet requires your unique Tiingo token for accessing Tiingo's data server (see instructions in the spreadsheet). To register at Tiingo's: go to Tiingo's welcome page.
NB! After signing up, your personal token is listed on Tiingo's API page (new login required).


The current spreadsheet is a modified version of the Excel batch data downloader originally designed by InvestExcel and adapted for GEM by Denis Bergemann. Like the previous version, the spreadsheet only works with Excel for Windows. The VBA coding changes related to downloading data from Tiingo, as well as the addition of the allocation pie chart and the annual returns table, were done by William (Will) Johnson, www.Geeks4HireInc.com


Apart from being a subscriber, no affiliation with Tiingo's at the time of publication.

The Excel sheet for GEM is available upon request. Interested parties are encouraged to support this blog with a donation.