New milestone: 30,000 pageviews

Not even two months have passed since the site stats of this blog showed 20,000 pageviews and now the 30,000 mark is hit already. Thank you for dropping in!

While visitors at first mainly came from the traditional English speaking coutries, since a few weeks the audience is listening in France, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands and even Ukraine too, to mention only the higher traffic countries (next to Australia, Canada and the USA of course). See the Earth globe on the right hand side for total visitor distribution from all over the world. For some reason that yellow spot in the big blue Pacific always makes me smile :-)

La bienvenue Willkommen Välkommen Welkom Ласкаво просимо

Please feel free to post in the comment section. If you feel more comfortable, do not hesitate to write in French or German. In those languages I should menage, with some help from Google translate if needed, but especially my Українська мова is a bit rusty though ;-)

I would love to hear from you how this blog became so popular among you people.  Where did you find the bread crumbs that did lead you to this blog in the first place? Please do post links to referring forums and sites.

So thanks again and goodbye, au revoir, auf Wiedersehen, hej då, tot ziens, до побачення !

Monthly Tactical Asset Allocation System: Equity curve added

Writing the thinkscript code for an equity curve for the Tactical Asset Allocation System posed quite a challenge. Scripting a dynamical all in system seemed like solving the chicken and egg dilemma, but finally the study is ready to be published. The TAA-system is explained here.