After 40,000 pageviews: HLC_Trend

Today the pageview counter hit the 40,000 mark. A big thank you to all my readers!

And now for something completely different after devoting a considerable amount of time to the TAA strategies. Let us take a look at an indicator based on the differences between a smoothed version of the close against averages of the high respectively the low: HLC_Trend.

Binary Market Timing based on XLI/XLU for EoM, EoW or EoD traders

Since the release of the previous post regarding TAA strategies, Aurelia and I have been working on the implementation of another market timing filter Kevin McGrath developed on the Stockfetcher forum. By using the XLI and XLU etf pair as proxies for bullishness and bearishness, the allocation strategy is simplified down to a binary process.