Superimposed studies for thinkorswim

All charts on this blog are made with the award winning thinkDesktop, the charting software provided by thinkorswim (TOS). thinkDesktop allows users to write private studies such as TrendXplorer in "thinkscript". One of the not so widespread options is to use superimposed studies Stockchart users are familiar with. While some quotes such as $CPC unfortunately are not (yet?) available, most are. And those can be superimposed on any pricecharts, be it ratiowise, standard or inverted.

Want to have VIX inverted on your own TOS pricechart with SPX? 

Want the $DJI priced in "real money" as Bob Prechter likes to say?

Heck, why not price AAPL in terms of orange juice, whatever combination seems sensible? Well, as of today every TOS-er can too.
Download one or both of the STUDY.ts files by right-clicking on the buttons below and choose "Save target as ..." or "Save link as ...", import them into thinkDesktop, add the study in StudyPanel, be sure to select the tickbox "On upper subgraph" as indicated on the image below and input any available tickerquote or combination. You don't need to load both studies at the same time to get them do their magic, because both studies work separately. Enjoy!




[Depending on your configuration the STUDY.ts files may be recognized by your computer as video files. Be assured, they are not. The files are "just" plain text files with the extension .ts because that's the kind of files thinkDesktop can import.]